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Dora Lewis


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It’s refreshing to encounter an artist like Evee: a classically-trained opera singer who has modeled professionally, and also happened to have acted in a variety of theatrical roles such as Dante’s Inferno, Ragtime, & Rent.

To begin this theatrical journey, she performed in Les Miserables back in high school and took the role of Mimi in Rent when she was just 17 although she admits now she didn’t quite have the pop vocals for it, yet. Evee faced the same situation when she decided to move forward and embrace the physical theater. “All theater is easier once you’ve done physical theater,” she says. “You rely on your voice and you’re more free with your body.” In order to improve and broaden herself as an artist, Evee took intensive ballet classes. “I made my muscles more attuned with my mind. It was still an upward track. I wouldn’t call myself a dancer,” she explained, but she became better at moving with a better spirit in mind.

Once Evee entered the recording studio in pursuit of her musical career, she started to listen to all music a little bit differently. “I used to listen to random things on the radio to jam out. Now, I’m hearing harmonies and production values.” When asked about her musical tastes, she said, “I listen to Enya for inspiration. Same with Aurora. She has an upbeat vibe and her lyrics touch deeper. I also rock out to Bear Hands, the Decemberists, and Childish Gambino.” Evee believes in the importance of studying other artists as well. “Jessie J’s vocals are incredible, precise, and accurate. She has a gorgeous natural timbre.”

Soon, it will be other artists who study her music.


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